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Mar 11 2015

2015 Team Burro

posted by Amanda Johnson

Announcing for 2015, a new TEAM BURRO, and even more members to come... TORI DUKE @dukester00   AMBER HOADLEY @amberunner   THANG LUONG @Tluong727   SEAN MARTIN  @sean_eric_martin   KIRK TSONOS @kirkfwdset   RAFAEL HERNANDEZ... MORE

Jan 26 2015

To kick off the New Year, we teamed up with Empire BMX in Austin, TX to create custom backpacks for their shop. And boyyyy, did they turn out looking sharp! Our traditional Dropout backpack featuring... MORE

Nov 25 2014


posted by Amanda Johnson

Mystery Deal FAQs Q. What are goodies? A- Whatever we decide.  Q. What shirt designs? A- Whatever we have.  Q. Will you wrap it? A- What? No.  Q. Will it arrive by my holiday of... MORE

Oct 28 2014

7 Year Anniversary Race & Party

posted by Amanda Johnson

December 6th, here at Burro Bags, we are celebrating our 7th year in business. Every year we grow and remain dedicated to manufacturing handmade backpacks and cycling accessories with all American sourced materials. To continue... MORE

Aug 14 2014

A fairly new addition to team Burro, Tori Duke has been a long time supporter and is no stranger to our bags. She recently took a night-time stroll through Los Angeles with photographer Rafael over at 2071... MORE