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Jun 13 2014

Island Safari Alleycat

posted by Amanda Johnson

Last Sunday, a group of Jacksonville cyclist piled in cars to attend the Island Safari Alleycat in St. Simons Island, GA, 23 racers showed up to take on the 92 degree weather, 20 mile island... MORE

May 20 2014

#burrounpacked Cat's Edition

posted by Amanda Johnson

Cats love bags. It's a widely accepted reality among cat owners. We have lint rollers in every room of the house. A few of you lately have been sharing your cats for #burrounpacked. And as... MORE

May 16 2014

Kill All Bike Thieves

posted by Amanda Johnson

Constantly, I'm hearing about stolen bikes. Last summer, 11 went missing in our little Riverside community in less than a month, including mine. And these are just the ones I knew about. But lately, more... MORE

Apr 08 2014

Rethreaded x BURRO Bags Project

posted by Amanda Johnson

This week at BURRO Bags is going to be a very busy one. One Spark starts tomorrow and we have a lot to do. We're announcing to everyone a collaboration we have begun with Rethreaded.... MORE

Mar 18 2014

Florida Craft Breweries

posted by Amanda Johnson

In Florida, craft breweries may sell gallon and quart sized growlers but under regulations are prohibited from selling half gallon growlers. The Miami Herald reports, Senate President Don Gaetz, "doesn't know" why Florida can't change a... MORE