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Jan 05 2016

How to Order Final Inventory Products

posted by Amanda Johnson

Attention loyal customers, as many of you know, we will no longer be continuing with the cycling aspect of the Burro Brand.  It's a tough life being a small american-made business and can no longer... MORE

Nov 04 2015

Limited Rolltop Availability

posted by Amanda Johnson

As many of you have noticed, rolltops and backpacks have not been available for purchase in the last few weeks.  We have made a very limited supply available for custom ordering.  UNAVAILABLE - Custom Ordering... MORE

Oct 20 2015


posted by Amanda Johnson

Plain and simple everyone, we will no longer accept returns. Every product is being made to order. Please check the specifications of the product(s) and the details of your order before placement.  Sorry for the... MORE

Jun 24 2015

Burro Bags x DZR Shoes Contest!

posted by Amanda Johnson

If somehow you're out of the loop, we've teamed up with DZR Shoes, to bring a couple lucky winners an awesome prize pack full of goodies! Don't worry! There's still time to enter.  Follow @burrobags... MORE

Jun 16 2015

Please Welcome, Kirk Tsonos

posted by Amanda Johnson

  Kirk Tsonos  Old. @kirkfwdset Where's your favorite strip of road/land to ride? What makes it special to you? Do you sprint through or slow down and soak it in? I would have to say... MORE