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Apr 13 2012

BURRO X Japanther DROPOUT Backpack

posted by Jack Twachtman

BURRO is proud to announce our latest collaboration with Brooklyn's raddest art-punk band, Japanther, one of our favorites here around the shop. We've been talking about doing something together for years now ever since Ian and Matt came to Jacksonville to play a show with Chicken & Whiskey. It's finally come to fruition in the form of one of our new and improved DROPOUT Backpacks. We think they came out pretty badass!

The Japanther tags look super sick!

As do our newly updated Donkey tags.

We went ahead and took the liberty of making a sample wallet to convince the boys to get some of those as well and they turned out perfect!

The backpacks will be available soon in the Japanther store. This run is super-limited so if you want one, I'd recommend checking out their site on the daily! Let them know you think the wallets are hella tight on Twitter and expect to see some of those soon as well.

And if you haven't checked out their new album, Beets, Limes and Rice quit bullshitting and go check it out!

Here's a little dose of nostalgia from a secret C&W / Japanther show ni Brooklyn a couple years ago filmed by the homie, Bleubird.

And in related news, come check out the other Brooklyn homies, Unstoppable Death Machines on May1st at Burro Bar with Filthy Savage, Dyke & Tuna Turner and National Dairy.

Unstoppable Death Machines SXSW Tour 2012 from Scott Cramer on Vimeo.


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