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Aug 24 2012

Kitty Pryde at Burro Bar

posted by Jack Twachtman
Not sure if y'all realize it or not but the Kitty Pryde took the stage at our very own Burro Bar last weekend. Love or hate her, Kitty was actually really sweet and half-surprisingly brought in the biggest show crowd we've ever had. Of course 90% of the audience were obnoxious underage beach bros who kept shouting Jaguars chants (WTF?) but hey, who's counting? At one point during our friend Cheyla's (aka Heavy Flow) set, the chanting started and I shouted in vain for the assholes to shut their damn mouths but to no avail. Kitty saw, and asked if I wanted her to tell them to shut the fuck up and settle their asses down. Who could refuse an offer like that? Sure enough, she went around the room and politely asked in the most adorable way possible for all the boys to show a little respect. It was classic. Unfortunately we were too slammed for me to get any decent photo or video but one of Kitty's posse captured the following iPhone videos that illustrate the utter chaos that ensued and prompted Kitty to tweet:


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