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Nov 14 2012

Custom Inspiration: Tips for Building a Diaper Bag Messenger

posted by Jack Twachtman

We've gotten more than a couple requests from cool fathers-to-be to create custom BURRO diaper messenger bags. Most of the stories go something like this: 

I've always wanted a BURRO messenger bag but my wife/girlfriend wouldn't let me spend the money. Now we're having a baby and I NEED a diaper bag so it seems like the opportunity to sell the old lady on finally getting one of your bags.

Seriously, every dude that comes in for a diaper bag has the same or similar story. We've done enough of them that it seemed time to put something up on the site to help streamline the process. So here it is, your guide to creating your own custom BURRO diaper bag, or as we like to call it - "The UH-OH".

An actual custom BURRO UH-OH

1. Choose a strap

We think the messenger is the perfect bag to tote around your foal's (that's what baby donkeys are called) diapers and baby accessories. The single strap bag gives you quick and easy access, especially with our removable shoulder strap. It's also a far more comfortable alternative to a heavy, traditional side-worn diaper bag. At least for Dad anyway. While we have literally no insight or first-hand knowledge of this, we've surmised that Mommy's built-in baby bottles might not appreciate the across the chest strap. Sorry, there's literally no way to phrase that without sounding crass so might as well go all out, am I right? Anyhow, the beauty of a BURRO messenger is the same bag can be used with a chest or shoulder strap by simply swapping it out. Padded chest straps come standard but consider adding an unpadded shoulder strap to your order for only $10.

2. Choose a size

For the most part, we recommend the Medium. It's big enough to carry pretty much everything you need for a day out and about with your rugrat. If you plan on sharing shoulder time with the Misses, you may want to opt for the small, but that's up to you. If you want to carry some of your own gear in addition to baby's, a large may be what you need but know that when we say large, we mean LARGE!

3. Make it accident-proof

Baby's are kinda gross. Cute, but gross. They drink nothing but milk that they shit or puke right back up. Chances are some pretty foul stuff will find its way into your diaper bag, whether intentional or not. Lucky for you, BURRO messengers are come standard with a 18oz truck tarp floating vinyl liner that is super easy to clean (NOTE: The example in the photos is actually lined with recycled billboard). There are a few modifications you can add to make it even less disgusting of  place to keep stuff though. Start with a divider. Dividers, well divide your bag into two compartments so you can keep messy things separate from clean things or baby's things separate from Daddy's. Then throw some beverage holders in that bag! Don't risk those bottles your baby mama packed for you leaking all over everything because they're just rolling around. Our beverage holders were inspired by our infamous party belt and are just as good for holding baby bottles as tallboys of PBR. Plus, when Junior goes to college I'm sure he'll appreciate a place to put his cold ones right? Dividers can be added for $15 and beverage holders are $20 for 2.

4. Add some pockets

The standard easy-access pocket on our Classic Messengers is great for grabbing things on the go, but the Double Front Pouch Pockets found on our BURRO+ Messengers are just the place to store extra diapers and the like. They're safely tucked away under the main flap so they're weatherproof and secure. It's also a great place to stash a book or an iPad Mini if you're one of those kind of dads.

5. Make it your own

By this time, you've demonstrated to the mother of your child that a BURRO UH-OH is the way to go and she's begrudgingly allowed it. Now it's time to go crazy and personalize it with some Camo CORDURA ® Brand Fabric, hot pink trim and a bright orange vinyl interior. Or murder it out and go all black e'erything. Point is, it's your bag so make it unique and something you'll want to look at for a while because here's the best part - baby ain't gonna need a diaper bag forever. One day that sucker will be yours and ALL YOURS to show off around town that's full of comic books or tools or video games or whatever the hell YOU want!

And that's about all you need to know. So head on over to the CUSTOM page and start building your BURRO UH-OH before she changes her mind...


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