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Nov 15 2012

Introducing the QUICKDRAW U-Lock Holster

posted by Jack Twachtman

Here at Burro, we're constantly innovating and improving. From developing new products to enhancing old ones, our mission is to solve the problems urban dwellers have carrying all their stuff. We make big-ass bags you can virtually live out of, bags that attach to your bike and hip bags for lighter loads (among other things of course). 

We also have a soft spot for victims of theft. WE HATE THIEVES! We hate em so much we made a t-shirt expressing our disdain for the scummiest of human beings. We also recently made U-lock holsters a standard feature on our line of hip bags so that even when you venture out without your messenger bag or roll top backpack, you can still keep your lock close by.

Most recently, we realized that not everyone is down with even our most diminutive of hip bags. So, we endeavored to create something as low profile as possible. There are more than one stand-alone U-lock holster out there, so ours had to be different. And better. Here's what we came up with…

Our holster is the first fully adjustable one on the market. Not only does it adjust to any 4-6" U-lock, it can accommodate any size belt and is easily removable. No longer do you have to take your belt off and risk your "fat pants" falling down or accidentally whip a cute girl in the face just to take off your holster. Ours attaches directly to your belt (while it's still on) with the same industrial-grade Hook-and-Loop we use to keep our world famous pedal straps secure so it stays in place but comes right off when you want it to.

It also makes getting the lock itself in and out a far less frustrating experience. If you've ever tried to force a 6" full-size lock in one of those holsters that's supposed to "stretch" a little bit, you know what I'm talking about. Also, since there's no stretching required, it will never get stretched out.

We're pretty proud of this new little dude and hope you like it. It may be simple but the best things in life often are. The QUICKDRAW is available now in a variety of colors. If you work at a bike shop and are interested in getting a run of these with your branding on them, please email us or fill out the Retailer Contact Form.


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