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Dec 04 2012

Ninjasonik + More at Art Walk!

posted by Jack Twachtman

Jacksonville does at least one thing right every month and that's Art Walk. For many, it's their only experience of Downtown so we always aim to make it a good one. Tomorrow is December Art Walk and we have one hell of a show (or shows) planned for you!

Not long ago, I helped my friend Jamison Williams secure a space on Bay Street for his experimental venue. It had a good run but eventually closed its doors since all the shows were free and there wasn't any money coming in. We've always done shows that start after Art Walk but decided we should cater to the early crowd looking for something a little different as well. One thing led to another and we are proud to present +SoLo: reprise. Every month from now on, +SoLo: reprise will feature experimental performance artists during Art Walk proper (5pm-9pm). Here's the info from the event page:

With GREAT respect, and gratitude, to the ever-outreached embracing arms, and appreciative understanding of Jack Twachtman, beginning December 5th, +SoLo will be housed at Burro Bar (100 E Adams St, Jacksonville, FL, 32202) EVERY Art Walk (first Wednesday of EVERY month), hosted by Matthew Moyer and Jamison Williams; every event will be FULLY documented, and limited edition giveaways (shirts, CDr's, tapes, prints) will available EVERY month: EXPERIMENTAL NOISE AVANT GARDE IMPROVISATION will remain ALIVE in Jacksonville.
THEN, some incredibly radical bands from NYC will stop by for the after-show on their way to Art Basel in Miami this weekend. Among them are none other than NINJASONIK and UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES! Joining them are the ZZZs and local favorites, Foreign Trade. With a lineup like this, tomorrow is shaping up to be one of the biggest, baddest Art Walks of ALL TIME!

Here's some videos, but be sure to scroll down for the schedule and links. See you tomorrow!

Something look familiar? That's cuz Team BURRO's FUROCHE makes an appearance in this tasty vid!

And this little joint debuted on SPIN Magazine's website just the other day!

Also be sure to check out:

And here's that schdeule:

5:20 Faker
5:40 Voids
6:00 Dead Innocents Choir
6:20 Vivian Vex
6:40 Game Show
7:00 Creep City
7:20 Bright Orange
7:40 Aaron Abrams
9:00 ZZZs
10:00 Unstoppable Death Machines
11:00 Ninjasonik
12:00 Foreign Trade


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