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Jan 08 2013

Custom Inspiration: Adam's Fully Loaded BEHEMOTH

posted by Jack Twachtman

Adam heard about us through Team BURRO members Gus Molina, Jeff Dempler and Addison Zawada and decided a custom roll top was what he needed. No fan of doing things small, Adam went all out and copped a BEHEMOTH, the boldest and grandest of backpacks! In fact, his sack is so tricked out, we took some pics and played with it a little bit before we sent it out.

Adam chose to go all camo with his fabric choices. Can't say we blame him, the bag looks dope! Note the Extra Front Pocket, one of our Custom Roll Top options, it's a small velcro pocket perfect for carrying small and/or flat items you need on the fly.

Apparently, Adam likes to travel because he opted for the NEW & IMPROVED Sleep Roll Straps Chris here is demonstrating. They expand to hold some pretty big sleeping bags and could fit a pillow and blanket too. You can get creative and hold all kinds of stuff with these and the best part is you can either tuck them away or remove them completely

Did we mention that this bag is BIG? Like BIG-BIG! Chris isn't a short dude by any definititon and this thing practically swallows him whole!

With a floating liner, Adam will be able to make quite the mess inside his bag and when it's time to clean it, he can just pull it out, wipe it down, air it out and get back on the road. 

As a bonus, Adam chose the Secret Pocket, a wise choice for whatever the application. We don't ask and we sure as hell don't judge!

But even though this bag is super-sized, Bottom and Side Compression Straps tighten it up so it's manageable even when it's empty!

Don't get it twisted, size is everything! Are you impressed yet? Get your very own Custom Roll Top or custom anything for that matter on our Custom Page.


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