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Apr 11 2012

When Neil the Pirate from VeloCity Cooperative asked us to sponsor his race, I only had to read one line before replying, "abso-fucking-lutely!" DC has diagonal streets therefore we are throwing a Satanic Alleycat the... MORE

Mar 28 2012

Our boys up in Valdosta have a weekend of bike events planned for late April. A few Jacksonville heads are talking about heading up to support. Should be a damn good time. Participate for a... MORE

Mar 27 2012

MTS Bike Check

posted by Jack Twachtman

Here's a nice little video of Mike T Schmitt showing off his GOAT build. Naturally, he's riding the MTS Mudflaps since he helped design them and all and we put his name on em. Round... MORE

Mar 26 2012

Spring Clearance Sale

posted by Jack Twachtman

In case you haven't noticed, we recently released our 2012 product line including many great new products such as the GRINDER and some design upgrades to existing ones like the breathable mesh on our messenger... MORE

Mar 25 2012

BURRO is proud to sponsor Back to Track, a kick off to the beginning of Spring and a celebration of the single gear! All single-speed bikes are welcome and the event includes a bike show... MORE