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Apr 08 2014

Rethreaded x BURRO Bags Project

posted by Amanda Johnson

This week at BURRO Bags is going to be a very busy one. One Spark starts tomorrow and we have a lot to do. We're announcing to everyone a collaboration we have begun with Rethreaded.... MORE

Jan 22 2014

BURRO History

posted by Amanda Johnson

While working on our You Tube channel, I came across some videos that are pretty priceless. The evolution of Chris' hair was enough to keep me laughing through the first few.  BURRO's first production facility... MORE

Jan 20 2014

ORB Women's Ride #ladiesofburro

posted by Amanda Johnson

Saturday mornings, a group of Jacksonville women cyclist get together to ride different areas in the city. This past Saturday, I was finally able to join the ladies on their ride. 17 miles on the... MORE

Jan 10 2014

Farewell Alleycat Race & Party

posted by Amanda Johnson

Two local team riders, Addison Zawada and Kirk Tsonos will be leaving the safe comfort of their hometown to venture on to bigger and better things in Los Angeles, CA. Burro, along with many other... MORE

Dec 18 2013

BURRO's Holiday Gift Guide

posted by Amanda Johnson

As avid cyclist, the staff at BURRO Bag's will definitely be including some essential items on our Holiday Lists. We thought for fun, we'd show you some really cool products we would love to see... MORE