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Jan 13 2014

Whenever we can sponsor friends on a fixed gear mission, we do anything possible to be involved. Fixed gear freestyle riders Miles Mathia, Kareem Shehab, Torey Thornton, and Tom Lamarche, traveled around the southern United... MORE

Dec 16 2013

Downtown Alley Cat #burro6yr

posted by Amanda Johnson

After all the stress and planning, our 6 year anniversary race and party has come and gone. We all had an amazing time and want to thank all our sponsors for the very generous prize... MORE

Jan 10 2013


posted by Jack Twachtman

WOLFDRAWN: Mike Dinh from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo. Late on posting this but Team BURRO's Mike Dinh is ending his FGFS career to pursue BMX. Luckily, we cover that too so we can't wait to... MORE

Dec 26 2012

Jakob Santos - TRICKCAT

posted by Jack Twachtman

Team BURRO's Jakob Santos recently released this edit highlighting his domination of Lockedcog's TRICKCAT comp in Sacramento. Watch and learn! MORE

Dec 04 2012

Gus Molina: Can't Fool the Youth

posted by Jack Twachtman

Can't Fool The Youth: Gus Molina from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo. As you're certainly already aware, Can't Fool the Youth is a #fgfs video zine that is beautifully put together by Chop Em Down... MORE